In partnership with the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT), Subsea Energy Australia (SEA) and Subsea UK the AOG Subsea Forum is a free-to-attend conference that addresses the latest trends, issues and developments in the Australian subsea industry.
Held over three days in a theatre on the AOG exhibition floor, the Subsea Forum is the largest gathering of subsea professionals in Australia.
Why speak at the Subsea Forum?
The purpose of the Subsea Forum is to provide the inspiration, education, and connections that AOG attendees need to grow their knowledge of the subsea industry.
Nearly 1,000 subsea professionals attended the Subsea Forum in 2018, and with a range of new initiatives planned, 2019 is expected to be even bigger.
With a capacity of hundreds of attendees in every session, the Subsea Forum is a great platform to share knowledge and cement yourself and your organisation as industry leaders
2019 Subsea Forum Topics include:
• Long distance tiebacks
• Subsea geoscience
• Decommissioning
• Life extension
• Offshore renewable energy
Thanks to the generosity of our hosts and sponsors, delegate attendance will be complimentary.
• Submit your presentation for the 2019 Subsea Forum
Evaluation Criteria:
• Submissions referring to case studies will be highly regarded.
• Prior to submission, company and joint venture clearance must be obtained. Any perceived problems concerning clearance should be outlined when the paper proposal is submitted.
• Ideally your submission will not have been presented before and should contain new information.

Subsea Speaker Frequently Asked Questions
Q) When do applications close?
A) Applications close 7th September 2018.

Q) When will I know if I’ve been accepted?
A) Accepted speakers will be notified in November 2018.

Q) Who can submit an abstract?
A) The Subsea Forum is open to anyone in the subsea community with a story to tell or a lesson to teach.
Q) How are speakers selected for the Subsea Forum?
A) Selections will be based on the abstract submitted, the speaker’s knowledge, experience, and several other variables to balance the Subsea Forum
Q) What criteria does the Subsea Forum Selection Committee use to review abstracts?
A) The selection committee will review all abstracts with the following in mind:
• Is the content updated and relevant?
• Will it be interesting to attendees?
• Is the content being put forward in an inventive and updated way?
• How does the abstract align with the topics for 2019?
• How much expertise does the speaker have based on the content submitted?
• What are the submitter’s previous speaking experiences?
Q) How do I get the best out of my speaking opportunity?
A) Don’t sell anything except ideas. The best presentations are non-commercial in nature. Use the introductory slide to promote your organisation and your credibility. The following slides should share knowledge and information that is new and relevant to the audience, this will position you – and by default your organisation – as a specialist and a thought leader.
Queries can be directed to the Submission Coordinator by email at or phone +61 (0) 3 9261 4500.