ANPM invites international oil & gas companies to the Timor-Leste Oil & Gas Summit, on 3-4 October 2019, sponsored by SundaGas. For the first time, ANPM will be sharing onshore and offshore updates for South-East Asia’s leading gas producers, and opportunities for independent oil & gas companies.

Timor GAP will discuss its plans and share important updates for the Timor-Leste and global hydrocarbons industry. With more exploration and production projects on the way, the need for new partners is higher than ever.

Timor-Leste’s main operators will provide updates, discuss future plans and partnership opportunities while networking with the region’s key players.

The Timor-Leste Oil & Gas Summit​ speakers include:

  • ●  Alfredo Pires, Minister, Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources
  • ●  Dino da Silva, President, National Petroleum and Mineral Authority
  • ●  Mateus da Costa, Director of Explorations and Promotions, National Petroleum andMineral Authority
  • ●  Francisco Monteiro, President & CEO, Timor GAP
  • ●  Suellen Osborne, CEO, Timor Resources
  • ●  Philip Huizenga, COO, Carnarvon Petroleum Limitedand many​ ​more​.The event is an ideal opportunity for oil and gas companies (exploration and production), consultants, seismic, drilling and other service companies to have in-depth discussions and one-to-one private meetings with ANPM, Timor GAP and the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources. The focus will be on current exploration opportunities, geology, legislation, midstream and licensing updates in South-East Asia. Secure your place​ ​here​.

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