ENGINEERING services company Plexal Group has recently completed upgrades to its alarm rationalisation and analysis tool, PlexAlarm, which it says will allow multiple view functions for each alarm.

PlexAlarm forms part of a suite of niche Functional Safety tools that have been developed by Plexal Group, a subsidiary of SPIE Oil & Gas Services, as part of their approach to asset integrity management, risk identification and their aspirations of zero harm in the workplace.

When used together with hazard and operability study, computer hazard and operability study and functional safety engineering, using Layer of Protection Analysis and safety integrity level methodologies, PlexAlarm’s fully configurable format makes it a critical inclusion for any alarm management scope of work.

PlexAlarm is designed to improve the rationalisation phase of the alarm management lifecycle model through better visibility and intuitive forms.

This aesthetic character and intuitive format of the interface as compared to the traditional method of utilising checklists and worksheets, largely contributes to the improvement in efficiency when implemented within a project.

PlexAlarm, as part of its inclusion in the functional safety capabilities of Plexal Group, has been used on prominent projects for major oil and gas companies, showcasing its strong capabilities and the value it can bring to any number of energy, chemical, pharmaceutical or other industry projects requiring process alarm management.

The new and improved system will be able to realise more efficiencies in managing this process and advance functional safety for operators.

The changes made to PlexAlarm allow for the grouping of similar alarm functions, management of change systems and the cross checking of existing alarm objective analysis.

Operators can also use functions such as filtering, sorting and bulk editing to save time, dragging and dropping parameters, alarm matrix embedding, progress tracking against key performance indicators and creation of work packs.

PlexAlarm also features one button priority updating with changes to alarm matrix, control system alarm configuration checks, improved alarm reporting functionalities, tailored discrepancy reports of alarm parameters, work pack creation and an event log of checks and modifications.

Management of Alarm Systems for the process and power industries are described in the ANSI/ISA 18.2 standards and were developed with a singular purpose – to improve safety.

Rather than specify communication protocols and detailed design, the standards focus on managing work processes of people to ensure recognised and generally accepted best engineering practice.