NesscoNESSCO Pressure Systems is set to showcase its Air Compressor System at the 2015 Australasian Oil and Gas Exhibition – alongside its high pressure testing products.

The company will present its Hydratron valve test benches and well-head control panels to clients, with these products able to be bought as standard or custom made to suit unique requirements.

The stand will incorporate a live demonstration of a compressed air system, including a CSM 7.5 DX 200L compressor attached to a hydraulic DHDA118X pump.

Nessco’s aluminium Infinity Pipe, which it says is more durable and adaptable than poly piping, will link the equipment.

The aluminium Infinity Pipe is built specifically for air flow, and the inside diameter difference between the two options reflect this.

While poly pipe and Infinity pipe take up the same overall diameter, the added benefit of Infinity is that it provides on average a 23 per cent increase in internal capacity, Nessco said.

Nessco will also exhibit two high pressure testing products; the Hydratron DHDA158 Power Pack and Hydratron AZ-2 Series Power Pack, to be displayed as a cutaway.

A replica of Hydratron’s wellhead control panel will also be on display.