A FEASIBILITY study into the establishment of an oil and gas training hub to be located in Adelaide by an independent operator is currently underway.

Established as the Australian Oil and Gas College (AOGC), the facility would provide a base for onshore and offshore training – with training providers and suppliers able to establish their own facilities on the AOGC site.

Set to be located in the Adelaide suburbs of either Osbourne or Wingfield, the AOGC is expected to occupy a two hectare space, building a life size process plant and hall of residence for participants in programs.

AOGC will also offer an educational and training consultancy service for the development of specialised projects and programs, such as competence assurance programs (CAP) and verifier programs.

AOGC chief executive Martin Payne said the facility would also tap into the pool of talented technicians living in South Australia.

“Within the next two years there will be an international shortage of competent technicians and engineers to develop, built and operate projects, when the price of oil recovers.”

“Globally, there is about $600 billion of oil and gas projects on the back burner and a ready trained and competent workforce of educated technicians and professionals will be at a premium, and South Australia is primarily placed to fill that need.”

Suggestions will be welcome at a feasibility study workshop to be held at the Alice Springs convention centre on 8 July.