By Sarah Byrne

TO STAY on top in a difficult market, Perth-based OGS Group has recently refined its services, acquired complementary businesses and collaborated with an IT solution provider.

The asset support company will keep the OGS brand for its commissioning and completions business, with the group’s hazardous area inspections recently spun out into a separate business called Inatex.

To further strengthen its market position, the group recently acquired Singapore-based recruitment firm Jadeclover to specialise in workforce solutions.

Speaking with Oil & Gas Australia, OGS Group chief executive Jason Antunovich said the combination of specialised services, skilled resources and the right tools to deliver quality outcomes sets the organisation apart.

“Trying to re-invent what is out there does not add efficiencies to OGS, however working with like-minded companies in similar and complementary spaces does add efficiency and lowers costs,” he said.

Taking this one step further, OGS has partnered with Silverhorse Technologies, developers of the Connect suite of project governance software, which will enable it to provide real-time visibility of a project to all stakeholders, Mr Antunovich said.

“We know that as dedicated providers of specialist services across a number of sectors, OGS and Inatex have the right processes and leadership teams,” Mr Antunovich said.

“Jadeclover now provides us with a significant database of some 60,000 global resources to staff up in the regions in which we operate. But to glue those things together we have to have tools that help us enhance the operating environment for our clients and us, and that’s where our partnership with Silverhorse Technologies sets us apart.”

Connect can be integrated to other systems to collect data and allows everyone involved in a project to see in real time the relevant information to ensure time, cost and quality objectives are being met.

“That means risks are identified early and can be mitigated before they become costly to resolve,” he added.

Similar to how OGS Group refined and simplified its service offerings, Silverhorse Technologies looked at existing systems in the market and determined how to remove the complexities and make them more user-appropriate.

Silverhorse chief executive Raymond Weeda said one of the key aspects to success was that none of the founders came from technical backgrounds, causing them to approach development from a front-end user perspective.

“There are plenty of project control tools available, but many are based on prescriptive project and development methodologies,” Mr Weeda said.

“When we developed Connect, we looked at it very much from a user point of view and thought about how to simplify complex processes.”

Mr Weeda said initially the company focused on clients in the healthcare sector for asset management and maintenance, but they have since moved into the construction sector where the group has seen a significant impact on the reduction of time and cost.

Having seen how the technology works, Mr Antunovich and Inatex chief executive Geoff Morgan made the decision to become partners with the group.

“Connect provides us with the ability to show clients total visibility of a project in real time,” Mr Morgan said.

“It changes the client-contractor relationship entirely as we’re removing the inefficiencies of double-handling information and reporting after the fact to proactively and even predictively identifying potential issues, making informed decisions and removing risk.”

“We can easily implement it into existing client environments without impacting existing infrastructure or requiring IT resources, can align it to existing processes and capture data along the way for further improvement and make configuration changes to optimise performance as we go without the need for expensive reprogramming.”

OGS Group has been working to develop its capacity to adapt delivery methodologies according to sector, geography and business culture.

“We have repeatable processes, key people with the knowledge and skills to deliver our services, but the flexibility to fit in to new client environments with ease,” Mr Antunovich said.

“With the acquisition of Jadeclover, we can provide local workforces quickly and easily – which is often necessary as clients are accustomed to paying local rates – and we can configure Connect to work with any processes and integrate to existing systems with ease.”

That business model has led to OGS and Inatex successfully delivering projects in oil and gas, mining, infrastructure, shipbuilding and numerous other industries throughout South East Asia and across Australia.

Remaining open to future acquisitions, Mr Antunovich said the group is continuing to look for opportunities, including other technologies that can add value and increase efficiencies for their clients, as well as aiming to stabilise operational overheads.

OGS Group was established in 2010 as a mainstream engineering services provider for the resources sector and has since focused its offerings to a number of specialist areas.