A PORTABLE multi-signal calibrator that allows all functions to be controlled from the main screen for industry-leading ease of use has been introduced by Ametek Test & Calibration Instruments, the company has announced.

The intuitive, single-layer interface of the new Jofra ASC-400 allows technicians to use as many as 11 different functions without referring to documentation. It has a high contrast, full-colour screen and full numeric keyboard.

It provides laboratory accuracy for field calibration, process monitoring and maintenance functions. It is compact enough to fit into a tool box and operate with one hand.

The instrument meets the calibration demands of modern sensors and transmitters for numerous functions in process control, systems engineering and maintenance, Ametek said.

It is capable of sourcing with simultaneous read-back from device-under-test of mA, V, pulsed transmitters, pressure and temperature.

The calibrator easily performs time saving functions such as automatic switch test, leak test, scaling and online percentage error calculation. It performs fast RTD simulation, works with pulsed transmitters and PLCs and can be used as a high-accuracy thermometer.

When paired with new CPF Series pressure modules from Ametek Crystal Engineering, the ASC-400 becomes a true pressure calibrator. It achieves accuracies down to 0.025% of reading unaffected by temperature in the range from -10°C to 50°C.

The ASC-400 offers simultaneous input and output, which makes it possible to calibrate and adjust a transmitter with no need for additional equipment, Ametek said.