• Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

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Growth of LNG infrastructure increases need for condition monitoring

Apr 30, 2022

Right now, billions of dollars are being invested in LNG infrastructure. With the growth of LNG has come improved technology. The technology to make assets more efficient and operating costs lower. Because of that technology, plants are adding more equipment to production. The new additional equipment will also need monitoring. So, while production trains are growing, the cost of downtime is also growing with it. It is now more important to have machine condition monitoring.

Some LNG plants still use their legacy systems. However, we can now detect symptoms from a wider range of failure modes earlier and more reliably than ten years ago. Also, diagnostics have improved at assessing fault severity and establishing a need for maintenance within an accurate time frame. Finally, the system can perform diagnostics and root cause analysis faster and more accurately.

Now, condition monitoring technology provides early healthcare awareness for all your critical and most balance-of-plant machines. Monitoring helps reduce downtime and maintenance costs while avoiding failures. You no longer have to worry about your new machines that have come with the growth of LNG.

You can read three case study examples here. from Brüel & Kjær Vibro.