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Surviving the rollercoaster ride

By Angus Sedgwick* Over the past five years, Australian businesses providing services to the oil & gas industry have ridden a “boom and bust” rollercoaster like almost no other sector. The highs and lows that the industry has experienced have given many a CFO a splitting headache, and have highlighted the importance of effective cash flow management. It is no secret that cash flow problems are the biggest killer of

Debunking myths: performance facts about joining HDPE pipe

A new mechanical joining solution from Victaulic offers outstanding performance capabilities for high density polyethylene pipes By David Sharkey, Victaulic VP-GM of South Asia Pacific High density polyethylene (HDPE) is light-weight, corrosion-resistant, flexible, long-lasting and economical, so it’s an ideal material for underground buried and outdoor exposed pipelines. While HDPE poly has been available for over 50 years, recent adoption of the piping material is quickly replacing steel, concrete and

Electric vehicles – are oil and gas companies ready for the volt-age?

As digitisation and electrification spread across all industries, today’s oil and gas leaders must be ready to operate on a vastly different playing field and compete against much more tech-savvy competitors. Presenting their paper ‘Enter the Volt-Age: Electric vehicle disruption of the oil and gas industry’ at APPEA 2018 in Adelaide today, Deloitte Australia oil and gas leader Bernadette Cullinane, and Steve McGill, Deloitte Australia energy specialist, said one of

Wood launches next phase of local industry collaboration into subsea equipment reliability

Wood has announced the next phase of a collaborative industry effort to develop a better understanding of the reliability of subsea equipment for use offshore Australia. The company is leading the Subsea Equipment Australian Reliability Joint Industry Project (SEAR JIP); an initiative supported by a group of operators including Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Quadrant and Woodside. The project is focused on collaboration and knowledge sharing in order to improve subsea equipment design

Oil and gas companies embracing the new energy era

The drive towards a low-carbon future – catalysed by the Paris Agreement, and coupled with a series of socio-economic and technological trends – is leading many in the oil and gas industry to fundamentally reimagine what the energy company of the future looks like, according to a new paper from Deloitte. ‘Hydrocarbons to electrons – Crossing the chasm to the new energy future’ examines how oil and gas companies are

Well Intervention and P&A market booms in the Asia Pacific

With the well intervention market expected to grow globally from an estimated US$8.18 billion in 2017 to US$9.85 billion by 2022, the Asia Pacific is one of the region set to most benefit from this wave of activity as it combines all threw factors driving the upsurge: a rise in energy demand, an increase in oil & gas production and a need to revitalise ageing fields. The Asia Pacific region

Hamilton on hand to steer PETRONAS’ Australian Syntium launch

FOUR-time Formula One champion racing driver Lewis Hamilton was centre stage when Malaysian oil and giant PETRONAS launched a new product into the Australian market this week. Hamilton and a team of senior PETRONAS exectives used the upcoming Melbourne round of the Formula One championships to  Lubricants International (PLI) to their premium motor oil lubricant, PETRONAS Syntium with CoolTech, in Australia. Highlighting the fact that the same lubricant will be used

Australian start-up uses cognitive services to save time and money in the energy industry

AUSTRALIAN start-up Obzervr is using smartphone technology and Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to trim costs for the oil and gas industry, as part of its debut at the AOG 2018 Exhibition and Conference. Obzervr created “Humans of AOG,” an interactive data experience to demonstrate this powerful technology. Using cognitive services, the software visualises participants’ energy level, mood, age and other statistics in context. This creates a visual story of the

SUPPLYLITE launches Supply Chain Management Visualisation Platform at AOG 2018

SUPPLYLITE today launched its cloud-based supply chain management visualisation platform at the AOG 2018 Exhibition and Conference in Perth. It adds to a growing list of new SupplyTech solutions that are using technology to reduce the cost of operations and provide increased visibility to support collaborative decision making. SUPPLYLITE is a Software as a Service (SaaS) modelling and task-based operations platform that tackles supply chain challenges across oil, gas, construction

Combine & Conquer – Unlocking the power of digital at AOG

MANY of the business leaders attending the AOG conference understand the power of digital. They see the potential for digital technologies to bring about transformation and growth. And many are making big investments in a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies. But many simply aren’t getting the most out of their digital investments. What’s the evidence? A recent Accenture survey explored how companies deploy digital technologies and the benefits they derive