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Critical Supply Chain and Procurement Strategies in the era of low oil prices

By Vinodkumar Raghothamarao, Director Consulting, Energy Wide Perspectives & Strategy, IHS Markit EMEA OIL and Gas companies operate in dynamic and complex environments, where they face constant supply and demand challenges. Now with the oil prices hovering at 50$ range, the need of the hour is to evaluate the supply chain and procurement techniques and costs. Oil and gas companies need to focus not only on their product supply chains,

NERA Project Fund Now Open

MORE than $15 million is now available to collaborative projects that will assist Australia’s energy resources sector become a more innovative and globally competitive industry sector. Announcing a new round of its Project Fund, NERA (National Energy Resources Australia) has encouraged resource sector partners to submit collaborative, industry-led, innovative energy resources projects for project funds consideration. NERA was established in 2016 as an Industry Growth Centre to promote diversity, collaboration

Australian seismic specialist builds one of the world’s largest supercomputers

To be at the top of your game in any sport, you need plenty of skill and lots of muscle. In the seismic data processing industry, muscle comes in the form of compute power, and at DownUnder GeoSolutions (DUG) building muscle is high priority – as is honing the team’s skills to use it. DUG is rolling out a series of muscle-building upgrades to its global seismic processing centres, including

Complete Cased Hole Formation Evaluation and Reservoir Monitoring from a Single Tool

Schlumberger has introduced the Pulsar multifunction spectroscopy service at the SPWLA 58th Annual Symposium. The new service provides the industry’s first complete cased hole formation evaluation and reservoir saturation monitoring with openhole logging quality. This next generation in pulsed neutron logging features multiple detectors and a high-output pulsed neutron generator to significantly improve acquisition accuracy and increase both logging speed and measurement precision. The Pulsar service measurements are complemented by

Unlocking tight gas a “significant prize” for businesses

More than 100 ideas to crack barriers to unlock hard-to-recover gas in the Southern North Sea (SNS) emerged from ‘disruptive thinking’ at an event in the East of England. Diverse solutions from the 85 industry delegates included a data-sharing ‘Frackapedia’, offshore ‘enterprise zones’ to incentivise testing new offshore drilling technology and inventing clay-eating creatures to eliminate illites, the crystalline mineral which blocks permeability. Other ideas included changing rock properties to

World’s first commercial onshore remote WROV operations underway

The world’s first commercial onshore controlled ROV operations have commenced at IKM Subsea’s headquarters in Bryne, Norway. In the near future up to three Work class ROVs and 1 Observation ROV on Statoil’s Snorre B and Visund installations will be controlled from IKM Subsea’s onshore control centre. One of the Work Class ROVs (RROV) has been designed and engineered to be permanently based on the seabed and will only be

Integrated approach accelerates understanding of petroleum systems

New multi-client geoscience programs maximize value of seismic and give regional context to support exploration efforts. by CGG CGG’s JumpStart™ multi-client geoscience programs integrate the most advanced seismic data with reviewed, calibrated and interpreted well and geological data for petroleum systems evaluation, supported by regional interpretations and reports. The aim is to provide a single source for all the available information about an area in a consistent, accessible and ready-to-use

Energy Providers Falling Short of Expectations for Digital Customer Experiences, Accenture Research Finds

Squeezed by falling profits, technology disruption and outside competitors targeting their customers, energy providers face the additional challenge of falling short of consumers’ expectations for digital channels and personalised experiences, according to the latest edition of the annual New Energy Consumer research by Accenture (NYSE: ACN). Consumers’ expectations have become more demanding due to mass digitalisation, which is challenging energy providers to keep pace with standards set in other industries

Evolving LNG trading models – a voyage of discovery and transparency

By Bernadette Cullinane and Nye Hill  of Deloitte Australia Countries including Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and China all have ambitions to become the LNG trading hub in Asia. As a key prerequisite to become a successful trading hub, countries are trying to create more transparent, trusted and reliable price discovery benchmarks. To achieve this, exchanges along with pricing agencies are launching indices to break the decades-long reliance on oil-linked pricing. Currently,

CGG Launches Multi-Physics Imaging

CGG’s Multi-Physics business line has launched its Multi-Physics Imaging group, consolidating its recognized expertise in multi-physics data processing and interpretation, trusted technical consulting services and specialized commercial software development into a single global team. As a complement to CGG’s leading seismic Subsurface Imaging capabilities, Multi-Physics Imaging helps oil and gas, geothermal and mining companies around the world gain a more complete understanding of the subsurface by optimizing the value of